We are heart motivated. Our commitment is to do what we can, while we can, to improve quality of life for individuals who are effected by pancreatic cancer. This is often more basic than you might imagine.  

WhaT Your Money can Do

Improving the life of someone with pancreatic cancer is oftentimes easier than you might imagine.  The cost to fill a gas tank can make the difference between whether or not a patient receives medical treatment. A single bag of groceries can feed the children of the patient who otherwise chooses to sacrifice their own medicine to provide for their family. More times than not, the caregiver of a patient with pancreatic cancer is a spouse or other relative who may have quit a job or may have to work in addition to the long hours required to care for their loved one. Caregivers need care too. In these cases, sometimes a prepared, delivered meal or a cleaned house is all the breathing room they need to manage the load. A $20 donation pays for one hour of house cleaning or a gas card for fuel to travel to the doctor.  A one-time, $150 donation can buy a week's worth of nutritional supplements for a patient who can no longer digest solid food.

Your donation, in any amount, helps! Click below to donate.


Using the talent of our founder, we hold fundraising concerts to bring in the bulk of our operating money. This money goest straight back to our work in supporting those affected by pancreatic cancer- patients, and their families - so they never have to go through this alone.

Patient Services Request

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and would benefit from resources available through The Autumn Leaves Project, please fill out our Patient Services Request form and we will be in touch.