Survival Rate

Who would you pick?

Statistics are a foreign language to many of us, so to illustrate the toll that pancreatic cancer takes, imagine this:

Today is the family picnic a reunion of sorts. Your family lives all over so this event happens only once in five years. 

You are so excited to see Aunt Jeannette to show off your engagement ring – it’s a two carat beauty. Your cousin is has brought her five-month old twins. Social media just doesn’t do them justice. They are the cutest ever. Even Grammy and Grampy have traveled all the way from Florida.

It’s so nice to see everyone – 100 in all. The whole family is here. 

You look at the smiling faces, sharing stories and tales of days gone by. Several people are videotaping with their phones. What a happy event. 

Now look closely. Really take it all in. Life is good, right? 

Pick out nine people. Only nine. Take a good look and say their names out loud. Just the nine of them. 

Fast-forward to the next family picnic. The attendance number is down from 100 to 9. It’s not because some couldn’t make the trip. They all came. All nine. That’s it.


According to information from the Deadliest Cancers Coalition, the 2017 five-year survival rate for pancreatic cancer is just 9%. “Increas[ing], albeit only slightly, each year for the past three.” 

Further, “While advances are worth celebrating, there is still much more work that needs to be done to improve outcomes for [those] diagnosed with any of the deadliest cancers,” according to the Deadliest Cancer Coalition information. 

The Autumn Leaves Project, founded in 2015, was founded to provide financial support to those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. While research is very important, so if providing a reasonable quality of life for those pancreatic cancer warriors. 

If you feel called to help a friend – someone who is in the throes of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis -- please click here.